SPECTATORS at U14-U18 games -  Both teams must be on one side of the field with all spectators on the other.

ABSENT OR MISSING REF PROCEDURE - Due to the shortage of fields and officials, games will not be rescheduled due to the absence of a referee.  If no referee is available for a game, the coaches of the teams must agree to appoint someone to officiate that game.  ALL GAMES MUST START ON TIME.

CORNER FLAGS / NETS - All U11-U18 teams must provide and set up a net and corner flags for half a field at all scheduled games.

ID CARDS - for outdoor play all U14-U18 players and ALL U7-U18 coaches must  have ID cards before May 01 which are presented to the referee before the start of the game.  After May 1st, if a fully completed player ID card (complete with picture) is not presented, the player may not play.  No exceptions.  If a whole team does not have their ID cards, the game will be played but the score of the game will be recorded as a 3-0 forfeit.

JEWELLERY - No jewellery of any kind is allowed to be worn.  This is a FIFA rule (Law 4).  There is no allowance for taping.  Medical alert items are not considered jewellery and they may be taped or slid up one's arm so there is little risk to something being caught between the alert and the player's arm.  One suggestion is to wear a sweat band over top of the piece.  Please ensure the coach is aware of any medic alerts.

Game sheets are provided by the first team listed on the schedule including pre-season.  They are responsible for CLEARLY and FULLY completing the top of the game sheet (date, game number, time etc) and their team information (full first and last names and jersey number) and giving it to the opposition with enough time for them to fully complete their team information and present it to the Referee before the start of the game The Columns marked "Y/R", "ID Card", the sections for the final scores and the Misconduct Summary section are all for Referee Use Only.
        Upon completion of the game, the Referee will record the score and any misconducts and then each coach needs to sign the game sheet confirming everything.  The Referee is then responsible for turning in the game sheet to the COYSA office by dropping it off or sending by email.  The score on the game sheet is the one used to update standings on the website. 
        Both teams are to email the score within 24 hours of the end of the game, putting the game number in the subject line to

Please ensure you are parking legally at all fields for games and practices and respect the neighborhood including No Parking signage, bike lanes, emergency access and actual access points in/out of the fields.
:  With the improvement in the quality of eye glass frames, most of which are now very fleixble and robust, they do not pose a danger to the player wearing them or the other players on the pitch.  However, the danger factor is if they are not attached somehow to the head.  Thus, we recommend that every player wearing glasses have string or tape attaching the arms to each other at the back of the head, thus preventing them from falling off and other players then stepping on them and breaking the lenses which then poses a danger to the rest of the players on the pitch. 

CASTS:  The wearing of plaster casts is unacceptable (these are the large white casts that are quite uncommon).  Fiberglass casts which usually come in a variety of different colors (and are the most common) may be worn but they need to be wrapped in one inch thick of bubble wrap or foam and needs to be inspected/approved by the referee before each game.  Other types of soft casts are also allowed and may be worn as long as it has been inspected/approved by the referee before the game.

DOGS AND FIELDS - Dogs are not allowed on soccer fields at any time (games or practices).  This includes all city and school fields.

PLAYER PICK UPS - If your U14-U18 team is going to be short, you may pick up players from the age group below as per the Guidelines.  If this still doesn't work, we encourage coaches to do what they can so the players that ARE available and show up still have the opportunity to play, even if it's a modified form of a game.  The minimum number of players required to start at a game is 7.  Click HERE for Player Pickup Guidelines.

PLAYER PICK UP - U11-U12 If a team is short players for a game, players may be brought up from one age group below (with coach permission) to make a maximum of 9 players (including pickups).  Players brought up must not miss their own game to play for another team.  If a team is still short players, then coaches are asked to mix the players up and have a scrimmage to allow those that are able to attend to have a game.  Players may NOT be brought up for the Super-8 Soccerfest. 

TOURNAMENTS AND PLAYER PICK UPS - Click here for COYSA's rules and regulations for teams going to tournaments. The roster forms for picking up players for a tournament are HERE or HERE.

FIELD LINING AND SIZES - Most fields should be lined regularly.  However some games may be scheduled on irregularly used fields.  Please be understanding if your find your field is not lined and you have to mark the field with cones.
CONCUSSIONS - Click HERE to read information from BC Soccer.

SURVIVING MINOR SPORTS - click HERE to read this article!

INCOME TAX RECEIPTS - Indoor Soccer receipts will be sent by email before the end of December to the address given at the time of registration.  For outdoor soccer, contact the Club that your child was registered with!

LIGHTNING - we follow the BC Soccer / Canada Soccer guidelines for lightning.  Click HERE for the policy.

The standard is if a game is called by a Ref after 2/3 of the game has been played, the score at that point will stand.

TIERING - For U11-U16 click HERE for the policy recommended by the Tiering Committee and passed at the June 2015 COYSA Board meeting


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